Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Weekend We....

....did some work....
....opened some mail....
....and, played with some new IKEA toys!
NOTE: I promise our child doesn't go around without clothes on but after eating and before bath time, he plays a little bit with Bryan. I've learned that baby food doesn't always wash out so we take off all clothes and bibs to eat.

Starting Meats

Daddy picked chicken to start first.....he even tasted it! Parker didn't mind the chicken too much and I think he likes the chicken more than the peas.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Somebody Does NOT Like Sweet Peas

I fed Parker earlier than normal this morning so Bryan could be here when we started sweet peas. Well, Parker is just not into them right now.....not even mixed with oatmeal or hidden under the sweet potatoes. It's ALL Bryan's fault....HA! I wonder if this means he won't like green beans either....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sister Loves The Boy

Lizzie (aka Sister) has been kissing/licking Parker since we brought him home from the hospital. Tonight, right before bath time, she went at it again.

Daddy, why does she do this?
Mommy, why does she KEEP doing this?
Sister, can you please stop?
I said PLEASE......enough already!
Finally! Now I can play....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gym Mommies: Playdate

I belong to a group of Gymboree Mommies, called Gym Mommies, that is separate from the HMM group. Several of the Gym Mommies are members of the HMM too, which is great! Anyway, Luke's Mom Cheryl hosted a playdate today at their house. Here are some pictures (I didn't take many because Parker fell asleep soon after we arrived):

(Austin, 8 months....we went with them to Rhyme Time last Friday)

(Noah, 9 months.....his eyes are stunning!)

(And Parker....he's almost 6 months old and very cute....)

Funny Face....So Serious

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

As many of you know or have read here in our blog, Parker doesn't have "normal" (whatever that means) sleeping habits. He sleeps in his carseat at night and naps in my arms during the day. We've tried several different things to get him in his bed but I am just not ready for the crying until he makes himself sick just to get him to sleep in his bed. So until he is ready, we've had to come up with some ways to keep sane. I wasn't interested in a wrap before having Parker but I wish now that I had started using one when he was a newborn. I am not sure I am won over with it yet but I've got to try something. I tried my neighbors sling and Parker didn't like it. We'll give the wrap a week or two and see if it works for what I need (that is, to do laundry, dishes, vaccum, etc.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gymboree, Week Two

Just a few pictures from today. The first picture is of Avery and Parker under the parachute. And then of course, the favorite part for the babies....the BUBBLES and dancing. Then the last two pictures are working with bolsters. Linda (our teacher) was showing us, by using a paper towel roll, how we can use household items to encourage eye coordination (by spinning the roll), as well as offer support while doing tummy time (see in the last picture where the roll is under the blanket). The babies of course also like the noise the plastic makes.

Gymboree activities are sometimes hard to explain but the next time you are visiting, we'll take you with us to one of the classes. You will enjoy it, I promise!

Good Morning Sleepy Heads: Mommy, Daddy & Baby Pajama Brunch

This morning we went to a playdate that included daddies! We had fun, ate some good food and met some new friends. Here are some pictures from our morning.

(Misty, Baby Gavin and her husband were our hosts)

(James....isn't he a cutie!?!)

(Bryan and Parker playing)

(Caroline and a new friend, Luke)

(Keely and Baby Finley)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Not Much to Report This Week

While it was a busy week for Bryan at work, Parker and I laid low. We have been watching the Olympics at night (see below....not a great picture but oh well) after Parker goes to bed.

We are trying to figure out the whole high chair situation. We have an old high chair from Bryan's grandma but it seems small for Parker. I am not sure I want a high chair that doesn't fit in with my decor. So for the time being, we bought one of those seats that fits on the table. We have officially grown out of the Bumbo so we needed something quick. So here is Parker sitting in it while I fix his food.

We ended the week with some more Stroller Skating, lunch at Corner Bakery with some friends and Rhyme Time (storytime for babies) at Davis Library. Notice the's getting bigger! We started sweet potatoes today and are going to delay starting meats until next Saturday so we can try sweet peas first.

Even though it wasn't a busy week, I feel like I haven't slept in almost 6 months.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

LOVE That Boy

Parker woke us up this morning around 5:45am, just talking and protesting that we weren't up yet. I guess he wanted to see what Cupid brought him for Valentine's Day. So after Daddy fed him, we opened our presents. Parker got a new pair of MONSTER shoes, some socks and some toy rings. Daddy got a new hat and some chocolate candies and I got a new heart charm for my charm bracelet.

Bryan cooked his annual Valentine's Day dinner, while Parker and I baked a pie together (by that I mean, I held him while I mixed it up). We did not leave Parker out....since we use our China for Valentine's Day dinner, we fed him his dinner on a China plate too (a small one).

We had such a wonderful day! Here are some pictures from today....enjoy!

(little bit of posing)

(little bit of dancing)

(and of course, a little bit of FANCY eating)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today we tried out Gymboree.  Parker did MUCH better than he did at The Little Gym.  Gymboree uses different levels and Parker is at a Level 1 currently.  The music was quiet and he really enjoyed it. 

We used 3 different finger puppets and had Parker focus on them as we sang songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Parker got to use a parachute as we bounced the small frogs off and sang another song.  After that we got to go to the big room and have tummy time using giant round tubes and play with small balls while laying on a mirror.  Our teacher, Mrs. Linda, was very sweet and worked with all of the kids so well.

We liked it so much that we decided to sign up for a membership.  Going forward we will have a weekly Saturday class and can also go any other day of the week that we want.  Hopefully Parker will continue to enjoy it and have a good time.

Just an Update

Since Parker was a little congested this week, we stayed away from other babies. While Dr. Eastman said he is not contagious, I wasn't going to take any chances. He is doing better but still has a little bit of a cough. Dr. Eastman said that could last for a couple more weeks.

We started carrots this week and Parker gobbled them right up. I thought we might start peas but I read over our instructions from the doctor again and we are suppose to try "yellow" veggies first. Next will be sweet potatoes.

Parker is NO longer sleeping all night. That only lasted 2 weeks and those 2 weeks were fabulous! It might be that he is teething or maybe he is going through a growth spurt. We are just not sure.

Parker is also trying to become more mobile. He has started putting his butt in the air and pushing off from the floor. It's so exciting seeing him trying new things and exploring. Fun times!

Our family is going through some transition with Bryan's new (interim) position at work. He is a lot more busy at work and works more hours (both at work and home). Since Parker goes to bed around 7pm, there is not a lot of extra time for them to play. Bryan does feed him in the mornings before going to work and they still have their bath time. We take turns at night rocking him to sleep (yes, we do this and yes, we will continue to do this!). Parker does know his Daddy though because he lights up when Bryan gets home from work!

The picture above is Parker in his Johnny Jump-Up and chewing on his new book that Mimi and Grandpa sent him for Valentine's day. He loves that book and it keeps him occupied for a good 15 minutes!

Happy Valentine's Day

My two boys are all ready for bed so they can wake up in the morning to see if Cupid came for a visit. We hope you have wonderful Valentine's day and remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Bryan's Snowangel (last night)

He'll always be an angel to me!!!

Parker's First Snowman (last night)

Bryan starting the snowman...

Ummm, sweetie....that doesn't really look like a head...

...and the finished product without eyes, a nose, a mouth or arms but a darn cute scarf. Notice Parker has on a short sleeve shirt and he's wearing my ski band around his head. Such a cute picture!

Some More White Stuff

Since we've been up since 4:45am (ugh!), I thought I would capture some pictures of the snow before it starts to melt. The weather dude is saying we got 12.5" but I haven't actually measured it to know for sure...

This first picture was taken at 2pm yesterday....notice the chair and the ground snow.

And then this picture was taken this morning....big change, huh?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Update @ 2pm...

....and it's suppose to snow until midnight. AND there is suppose to be ice tomorrow, which means, you guessed it.....Bryan can work from home! Maybe Bryan will come home tonight and build us a snowman!

DISCLAIMER: I will go ahead and put this out there because I am sure some of you maybe rolling your eyes at some of my silly posts....This blog is OUR digital scrapbook and is why I put so many details in each post. Because I do not have time to write everything down, I can attempt to do these postings so that one day I can show others. My child does take 2 naps a day IN MY ARMS for 1-3 hours so that allows me time to do this. So if you don't like all of my silly details, just skip over them and look at pictures of my cute baby!

Some SNOW Pictures

Bryan is off to work and Parker is taking a nap (yes, still in my arms...). Here are some pictures from earlier. The snow is still coming down outside. I am sure I will have more pictures later.