Monday, February 4, 2013

I Might Cry Today!

If you are tired of hearing about the 3-year old woes then you need to stop reading.....about....NOW!

Bryan and I were both up before Parker.....that's a first in forever.  7:30am rolled around and we were both up and Parker was stirring.  We both greeted him with a smile and a "good morning", all cheerful like.  He was chipper.  Bryan jumped in the shower, Parker worked a puzzle on the dinning room table and I started making breakfast and lunches.  Hold tight people because this next part is unbelievable....I made a balanced breakfast for my child (granola bars are not considered balanced!) and he ate two bites and decided he was full.  As I type, it is still sitting on the stove because I cannot bring myself to toss it.  Sigh!

Bryan got on his 8:30am conference call that he does every morning and Parker and I attempted to get dressed.  The screaming and foul-sounding phrases like, "I don't want to get dressed" and "I don't like clothes" and "I don't want to be a big boy", all started like they do everyday :(  And I do what I always do, I left the clothes for him to put on himself.  Surprisingly enough, this morning, everything was on correctly.  Even the shoes.  And then came the shoe tying part.  By this time Bryan was off the phone and assisted in this crisis.  Let's just say the tying part last about 12 minutes.

Off to school and work the boys went while I was left at home with my piles laundry and thoughts of "why"!  I am searching for encouragement and a different approach.

Bryan calls after dropping Parker off saying he cried and had to be put inside the room, versus walking in.  Bryan informed the teachers that he was having a rough morning.

Upon pick up, Parker was still asleep but the teachers said he had a great day.  I will mention that all but 3 kids were still asleep.  And they were all boys....the ones asleep ;)  He was happy to see me, hugged me tight and wanted to go home.  I offered a trip to the park since the sun is out and the temps are mild.  Nope, he wanted to go home.

Upon arriving home, he dropped his cup of water and directed me, who has a purse, school bag and a stack of book fair books in my hand.  I walked inside and simply asked him to get it himself.  And it was on....

Going to the potty was a struggle, taking his shoes off was impossible and putting him in his bed with a teaspoon of Tylenol.....well that was easy!

Four hours until bedtime.  Some days that's MY light at the end of the tunnel....

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  1. I am fighting this battle right alongside with you... EVERY DAY! You are doing a fabulous job, and keep telling yourself that these are "strong leadership" qualities... I'm searching for the silver lining, too! :)