Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Chalk Painting

We all got up at the crack of dawn so that we could enjoy the great outdoors before it got too hot. And so Bryan could mow and so I could wash clothes (since it's so hot, the power company is encouraging people to conserve energy, including washing clothes, during the hot parts of the day). And Parker wanted to "paint the chalk".

Today our chalk colors were purple and yellow. We talked about what God created and Parker wanted me to draw the sun and stars. God also created "boo-ti-full trees" but Momma didn't have enough chalk paint to do trees. :)

That lasted about 20 minutes and then we headed indoors to cool off...

Too Hot To Blog!

I have not blogged in FOREVER and my excuse is the weather! We are close to 40 straight days of temps over 100. Today's high was 105. It's terrible.....I feel like I live in a child is climbing the walls.....and we are all in a very bad mood. BUT, I must add a positive with all of this boy has become a little artist :) You see, we are trying our best to not become couch potatoes and so we have been painting, coloring, etc. I will share some photos of all of the things we have been doing soon. I just wanted you all to know that we are still here and have not melted away, yet!