Saturday, October 13, 2012

Annual Family Pumpkin Painting :)

After dinner tonight we got out the paints, brushes and pumpkins for some family fun! 

Please excuse the ugly fridge that is covered with in magnets, papers and whatever else that is (not) appropriate to clutter up the exterior of a refrigerator ;)  And now our finished pumpkins:

And because I am back-blogging for the life of me I cannot remember why Bryan's pumpkin is not in the final picture.  You can see some of it in the second to last picture!

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Day of Chapel

Today was Parker's first day of Chapel.  I had lots of guilt this morning because I really wanted to go and take a couple pictures but I had a birthday breakfast to attend followed by an eye appointment.  Originally the first day of Chapel was suppose to be in November but surprise, it was today (insert loud sigh).

Like a lot of mornings, Bryan walked Parker to school while he chowed down on breakfast :)  I was excited to hear all about it but all that I got from Parker was:

"We learned to stand up when we sing"
"We learned about Jesus and said a prayer"

Complete success if you ask me!  I (((think))) that Chapel happens once a month but I could be wrong about that.  We'll see :)