Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Unbusy Busy Week

We've spent a couple days around the house this week and as previously mentioned, I love days around the house because it gives Parker and me a chance to play together. I can also see some of the new things he is doing or trying to do. So, I thought I would share some of those things:

*He can sneeze and walk at the same time
*He tried Watermelon for the first time (and loves it)
*He started throwing balls today
*He can transfer objects from one basket to another
*He is still trying to walk everywhere
*He got his sixth tooth today (top right, next to the front two)
*And, tonight I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up, he answered, "des".

Also, I've taken it upon myself to try out a new schedule. Parker is going to bed later (7:30p) and waking later (7:15a)....YAY! Also, his naps are later and he only takes 2 (6 oz) bottles per day. We've been trying it out for the past 2 weeks and it seems to be working out good for all of us!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yee-Haw, William is One!

Our Stroller Skating buddy and now very good friend William turned a year old on Tuesday. His Cowboy party was today and Y'ALL, it was a grand time! Here are just a few pictures I took before the battery in my camera went out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Made Velcro Boards

Recently my neighbor showed me a website (Montessori based) where this lady made some Velcro Boards for her kids. I thought the idea behind it was neat so I gathered all the materials up and we made one yesterday. They turned out really cute so I invited some other friends over today so they could make one for their little ones. Here's how it starts:

On a small piece of board, you stick on a strip of velcro (thanks husband for cutting these):

Then you pick out some colorful blocks, cups, balls, toys, etc. and stick some velcro to each item:

And then you have a Velcro Board:

I was able to get all the supplies together and laid out so that everyone was able to assemble a board know toddlers don't stay in one place too long:

Parker seems to like his a lot. He takes each item off, looks at it, tastes it and then puts it back on the board. I have to hold the board so that he can pull the items off but soon he'll get the hang of it and be able to do it on his own.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Boy Got Kissed Yesterday!

Note: I said my boy GOT kissed, not my boy gave a kiss....I want to be perfectly clear here!!!

Pump It Up Jr.

This morning we went to Pump It Up Jr., which is an "inflatable party zone for little people". On Wednesday mornings they have jump time for kids 3 years old and under. PARKER HAD THE TIME OF HIS LIFE! He has no fear right now so he was crawling from zone to zone. It was a lot of fun for me to do it with him but that is a workout! I tried to get a couple good pictures and also, I took a short video from my phone (hence the bad quality). The third picture, if you can't figure out why I included it, is of Parker walking. We will be going back very soon.....I hope Bryan will go too. This is right up his alley!

And here is the video:

5th Tooth

Yesterday, Parker's 5th tooth finally appeared. It is on the top left, next to the front two. And Sunday marked the first day we brushed Parker's teeth with a toothbrush (I know we are bad parents for not doing it before....). As you can see in the picture above, he didn't much mind that Bryan was messing with his teeth. I have heard mixed opinions about whether or not to use baby toothpaste so for now, we are just using cold water.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More and More Steps...

The video quality is terrible but you can see what's important.....he is up to 5 steps!

Another Princess Turns One!

One of Parker's new friends turned a year old last week and we were happy to celebrate with her and her family. And an added bonus was that some of our other friends were there too. Everything was pink princess, complete with a princess castle cute. I wonder how many princess parties Parker will be invited to when he is ten...HA!

An attempt to get a pic of Parker and me:

Clay footprint craft:

Gabrielle and her Dad, Rich:

Our Visit to the Dallas Children's Museum

On Tuesday we visited the Dallas Children's Museum. First we went through the "farm land" and picked some veggies (and tasted some) and checked out the roosters.

Then we went into the "backyard" area which had live insects and critters that you can find outside. Noah and Parker were more fascinated with the computer.....I guess our boys don't like spiders. I think they want to be like their Daddies....

Parker crawling through insect tunnels....

And then when the fieldtrip kids came through, we retreated to the "2 and under" area, where Parker and Luke played for almost an hour. Parker stacked blocks while Luke was perfectly happy sitting in his hole....

Parker Meets the Mouse

The theme for Parker's first birthday party (in Angleton) is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie so we were excited to find out that THE Mouse would be at Barnes & Noble today. We met Noah, Luke and Caroline (and their families) there for a storytime, snack, craft and a meet/greet with the Mouse. I was relieved that Parker didn't freak out when the Mouse appeared.....he actually liked it as much as he liked Spot.

We are indoors now for the rest of the day because it is way too hot 104!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Parker Meets Spot

Tonight we went to Barnes & Noble's Pajamarama, where the special guest was Spot the Dog. Gabrielle and her family and Luke and his family joined us for this special bedtime storytime. We had a lot of fun and all of the kids (except for Gabrielle) loved Spot.

Here is Bryan and Parker enjoying their snacks, waiting on Spot:
Parker LOVED Spot:
Gabrielle would have no part of Spot (cute pic though):
Sweet Luke giving Spot some kisses:

Finally, A Post!

Like always, I have a TON to post but it will have to wait until tomorrow or Sunday. Bryan has been working a lot of hours this week so that is my excuse. Anyway, yesterday we finally got a video of Parker walking. It's not the best and he didn't take very many steps but you will get the point. He is standing alone for longer periods of time and take 4 steps now. BTW, Parker loves pillows and he especially loves the pillow that the dogs lay on in the kitchen (nice!). Enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

News Flash!

Parker just took his first step and a half all by himself! Pictures and/or video to follow as soon as Bryan gets home from work.

TEN Facts About Our TEN Month Old

-He LOVES his Daddy
-He crawls super fast
-He can stand without support, sometimes
-His 5th tooth is coming in
-He has learned how to give kisses, open mouth of course
-He is liking his new trucks
-He is back to liking books again
-He laughs when I tickle his feet
-He still has blue eyes and blonde hair
-He has 2 parents (and tons of family) that love him a lot!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Weekly Run-Down

Monday: An early morning swim/sand playdate at Luke's.

Monday: Parker playing in HIS cabinet while I cook dinner.

Tuesday: Getting the guest room/craft room ready for guests while Parker discovers the ribbon drawer.

Wednesday: The kids playing with props at the Frisco Library Storytime.

Wednesday: Night out with some friends.

Thursday Night Out With the Girls

Back before I went to Angleton and had my Girls Weekend in Grapevine, some of us Mommies got together on a Thursday night and went to Urban Crust. We were in their Wine Room, which is just a private party room. They have wonderful food! It seems that since our babies are mobile, it's hard to talk at playdates and other events because we are always chasing after our little ones. It was great to talk, laugh and eat without any interruptions!

Very thankful for all of my Mommy friends!!!

Somebody Got a Water Table

SUMMER TRIP TO ANGLETON: An Unexpected Reunion

This is what Facebook can do.......David Smith is my biological father that once married Debbie (center above) and had 2 kids: Traci and Tim (pictured above). I had not seen them in over 10 years and they happened to find me on Facebook. I so very happy that we were able to meet up while I was home. My Mom and sister Rachael went with Parker and me to Houston to meet up with them. We had a good time catching up, eating and laughing until it hurt.

Loved loved loved seeing them and look forward to seeing them again in August!


Kim and I have been friends forever! Since she relocated from Fort Worth to Houston, we haven't seen each other. Since then, she had a baby boy, Jett, who is now 18 months old. I was very excited to see her, finally meet Jett and introduce Parker to their entire family. In recent posts, I've mentioned that Kim was one of my strongest supporters during the first 3 months of Parker's life. She had some of the same problems with both of her kids that I did with Parker. I could NEVER repay her for everything she offered me during those tough times!

It was so good to meet Jett and to see Ava. Jett is so cute and looks just like Kim's Dad. And Ava has grown so much and is just like her Momma. It was also nice to see Mr. and Mrs. K....they are some of the sweetest people I know! I love the picture below....Parker and Jett are getting some loving from Mr. K, while Ava is trying to get in on some of the action.

I enjoyed our visit and watching the boys play together (kinda) but it just wasn't long enough. Hope to see them again very soon!

SUMMER TRIP TO ANGLETON: Parker Finally Meets Babs

I am so thankful that Barbara had time to have dinner with Parker and me. Actually, she made us a yummy dinner that brought back a lot of memories of us watching Big Brother and eating salads. Parker had so much fun playing with Barbara and Matilda! And I was so very excited to catch up with Barbara. So much time has gone by and so many things have happened that there was no way that one night was enough time to catch up. However, we made a small dent!

I hope that one day Parker will know just how special Barbara was and is to Bryan and me! She was my bestie, mentor and the person that introduced me to Bryan....what more can I say about her!!!

Here are some pictures of Barbara loving on my boy: