Saturday, September 10, 2011

Build & Grow at Lowe's

Last night Bryan and I were mapping out our weekend and I really wanted to go to the Arboretum but Bryan wasn't really feeling! So, while Bryan was showering, I signed he and Parker up for a workshop at Lowe's {guess that will show him...hehe}. Parker slept late but his parents did not since we had to be at Lowe's at 10am. We made it in time to find a special spot outside, on a make-shift table, that was the perfect height for Parker. So the boys got started.

The boys had fun building the flashing police car and Parker has not stopped "bragging" about what he built :) And on the agenda for tomorrow.....the Arboretum!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Year Appointment

We visited with Dr. Eastman today for Parker's two year appointment. Everything is good and the boy is healthy. Here are his stats:

Weight: 31lbs
Height: 36"
75th percentile

Parker got the second Hep. A shot as well as a flu vaccine {by nose}. AND he doesn't have to come back until he is three. REALLY??!!??

The Faces of Summer 2011

This is for my Mom and all of her girls at work that have not seen any pictures of Parker all summer {even on Facebook}. Enjoy!
Mickey Mouse shirt twins :)

Before moving to Colorado, Ian came over to play one last time :(
Reading about Noah's Ark with Grandma
Staying up late to watch the Home Run Derby 2011
Showing off his muscles
Fixing a sprinkler for a friend
Help Mommy with puff pastry
Helping Daddy with the trash
Proud of himself for disobeying...
Parker and Luke not sure about the train ride at Amazing Jake's

The summer did get the best of us and we stayed indoors most of the time but we had a great time nonetheless! We did a lot of learning this summer.....some of it came with tears, some of it came with time-outs but most of it came with laughter and smiles.

We will NEVER forget you Summer 2011 but we are sooooo happy to be stepping into Fall!!!