Friday, August 20, 2010

Parker Meets Maisy

Tonight at the B&N Pajamarama, Maisy (the mouse) was the special guest. Luke, Will, Sofia and some others were there to meet her as well. It seems that Parker likes all costumed-characters. Some of his other friends....not so much :) After storytime, a snack and meeting Maisy, it was time to go to bed. Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wide is Good, Right?

A couple Sundays ago, we went to Stride Rite to get Parker's feet measured.....4.5 EXTRA WIDE! We looked at the outlet store for a COOL pair of shoes but nothing jumped out at us. So, this past Sunday we went to a regular Stride Rite store to check out their selection. Blah!

(notice the little stockings above.....)

We didn't really care for the ONE pair of shoes they had in his size so we looked at the big boy shoes and Parker found a pair that he would like to wear when he grows up:
I came home Sunday and ordered an ORANGE pair of shoes for him and then yesterday, a friend called from Norstrom Rack saying she found a pair of Stride Rites in Parker's size. YAY! We met Bryan there, to the get the Daddy-ok, and bought them. I guess now we need to master walking in shoes....

First Balloon

I should say balloonS because by the end of the day, he had 3 of them. We were at the party store and he spotted a pink balloon just floating around and I guess needed it. The sales-lady said Parker could have it and for some reason we bought another MM balloon. We then proceeded to the mall, where at the Croc's store he was given another balloon. And as you can see, he would much rather taste them than play with them (I know, the most dangerous part)!

Burn Update

I am glad I took Parker into see Dr. Eastman this morning. He said his burns are 2nd degree and that he will be just fine in a couple days. Dr. Eastman said that they get concerned when the burn is over a joint and/or on the underside of the hand. He told me to not put anything on the blisters unless they pop. The extra skin is serving as a bandage and by the time the blisters pop, the skin under it will be healed up. If the blisters pop today or tomorrow, we just need to put some Neosporin on them. (Sorry for all the yucky details)

Parker had no idea why we were at the doctor's office but was very happy to leave and go eat lunch! Me too!!!

Burn & Blisters

Yesterday we met Bryan after work for some shoe shopping and then dinner. When we got home, I let Parker (as I always do) walk from the car into the house. However, this time, he lost his balance and grabbed my HOT tire (really the inside part but I am not sure what it's called). I pulled his hand back quickly and he did not cry so I took him inside to wash his hands off....nothing indicated that he had burned himself. This morning though, during breakfast, I noticed 2 blisters on his fingers. And as usual, this was more upsetting for the parents. I called the dr and we have an appointment at 11:45 this morning. I am not sure if they can do anything or even give us some silvadene cream but it will make me feel better if Dr. Eastman looks at it!

It looks terrible to me but doesn't seem to be slowing him down...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Swim Playdate @ Ellerie's (without the swimming)

Christina and Ellerie hosted a swim playdate at their house but we did not end up swimming. However, since it was a potluck lunch, we had some yummy food! AND since Christina has older kids, and has not thrown away any of their toys, the kids loved playing with some "new" toys. Austin, Parker and Ethan had a large time playing with the house-thingy below:

And this picture cracks me up....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Recent Trip to Temple

We took a recent trip to Temple because that is half way between us and Meagan and Hector, who live in San Antonio. We met for lunch, had some good grub and I even got some birthday presents (love those)! We were also able to give Meagan most, if not all, of our baby stuff. YAY to getting that stuff out of Parker's closet! We were excited to see them and they were very happy to see Parker. And the trip wasn't really that bad. I hope they'll be back in this area very soon.

After we got home, we thought Parker needed some outdoor fun. So, we brought the water table out front and had the neighbors over. Blake and Parker seem to play well together and Blake loves to be outside.

And as a side note, the shirt that Parker is wearing in these pictures was a gift from Meagan and Hector when Parker came home from the hospital. It's a size 18 was so big back then when he was so little but now, it fits perfectly!

Rain Gutter Bookshelf Playdate

This morning we hosted a family playdate and while the babies played and the Mommies chatted, the Daddies were out in our garage making Rain Gutter Bookshelves. The bookshelf above is the one that is in our house (first of many, I am sure). I am so bad about taking pictures at our playdates so this is the only picture I can offer. We had seven babies/toddlers and their families here. I am very glad we had it early because it's almost 100 outside. Lots of fun!!!

Now, in preparation for this playdate we had to gather supplies at Home Depot and Parker is not too young to help:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

On this day:
*My Mom is celebrating her 29th birthday.....
*It's 103 outside
*Parker and I tried Indian food for the first time:

*And, we are busy getting ready for a playdate tomorrow morning, a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, a first birthday party for P&G next weekend and another first birthday party in Angleton the following went to Michael's for some craft items and someone found something they like:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parker's First Chore: Feeding the Dogs

The first thing you should know before viewing this video is that we don't feed our dogs like normal know, using a dog bowl. Both Millie and Lizzie tend to eat too fast so our vet told us to spread their food out, either on the floor or on a cookie sheet. So, that will explain why Parker is feeding the dogs the way he is. He gets super excited when it's time to feed the dogs and gets super mad when we have to put the dog food away!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look How Far We've Come!

This is me 11 months ago today.....

When I look at this photo this is what I see:
*A girl that is tired because it was 2:45am (we had to be at the hospital at 4am)
*A girl that has no idea how much life is about to change
*A girl that has no idea how to be a parent
*A girl that doesn't cry much
*A girl that is very organized, in control and thrives on routine

My how times have changed. The first 4 months went by so slow and were so rough. I seriously did not think that we would make it through. But these past 7 months have been so fun and have flown by so fast! A month from now, my little boy will be a year old! A YEAR OLD....

There have already been tears, some anxiety and questions about whether or not to let Parker turn one. I always thought it was silly when parents got emotional about their kids growing up, meeting milestones and so on but now I completely understand. During the first 4 months of Parker's life, I wanted him to hurry up and be 3 years old. Now, I would like him to stay 10 months old until I say he can grow up. There are still so many new things that he is doing or we are doing as a family so I just want time to slow down just a bit!

This morning we visited a new Church with an old friend and it was the FIRST time Parker was able to go into the service with us. Our Church doesn't allow children in the sanctuary so I always stay in the foryer and watch the service from there. Alone. So today as we were sitting there together as a family, listening to the music and while Parker was taking in all the sites, I thought to myself how blessed I am to have a husband and a little boy. I pray that we will always be able to worship together.

This afternoon we will be shopping for Parker's FIRST pair of walking shoes. He is not wild about shoes and socks but I think it's a must since he is walking now.

And this past week, Parker started jumping in his bed for the FIRST time. And he would much rather play in his bed than come to us when we go into get him. I guess Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is rubbing off...HA!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Eye Appointment

Today we went back to see Dr. Stager for a check-up on Parker's eyes. This time I had to go by myself since Bryan is working long hours and couldn't get away. I was sick to my stomach going there because I knew that Parker's left eye was not 100% better. I was afraid that they were going to probe it again. First, the nurse put the drops in to dilate Parker's eyes. After waiting for 20 minutes the doctor came in to check Parker's eyes. He said that the back of Parker's eyes look great and the shape of his eyes indicate that he will not need glasses at this time. Then came the "crazy" drops (you can see a little discoloration in the picture above)....Dr. Stager could still see some blockage in Parker's left duct. BOO! He wants to give it another month before probing it again so we'll pray that all is better in a month!

So we are back at home now and out of the 102 temps outside.....Parker is napping and I am catching up on some blogging. Parker is walking more now than crawling. He can walk in circles and carry his "tuck" (aka truck) with him when he walks around. He has also started climbing onto things and is still on the go ALL the time. It is funny to call his name from another room and see him WALK around the's very weird! He is also liking reading again. He took a small break to eat, toss and step on books but now he comes over and sits in my lap while I read. He still loves turing the pages and points to objects in the books.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recipe Playdate @ The Urban's

On Monday, Cheryl and Luke hosted a recipe playdate. Everyone was to bring a dish along with a recipe card. Let me tell you, there were some yummy dishes and now I have 10+ new recipes. Now that our kids are a little older, they can enjoy some of the good food too. I brought a yummy Lemonade Pudding Cake. We had a good time and I thought the playdate theme was a super cool idea!

Rachel is trying to get some of that yummy food out of her dress:

Ryan was trying to show Parker some love but Parker had to teach him that boys don't hug, they wrestle:

Parker is walking EVERYWHERE now:

Some Funny Happenings

Some very LARGE broccoli stalks for dinner...

Parker riding the vacuum cleaner:

And some naked walking:

A Very Special Day

Today marks my 34th birthday and it was super sweet! This year I have not one but two boys, two healthy puppies, I have a super supportive family and lots of new and old friends that inspire me on a daily basis! Today started off with a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art with Parker and some other friends. We had a nice lunch, enjoyed some exhibits and met the museum mascot.

We then headed home for a nap and then Bryan got home a little early and took Parker and me to Dimples for cupcakes and then to dinner. Today, we had dessert first! I had a Lemon Delight cupcake and Bryan had Cookies & Cream. Parker had some of both. And the flavors we brought home: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Wedding Cake and Red Velvet. I never knew a little cupcake could taste so good!

Parker's first bite of my "birthday cake".

Me and one of my boys, taken by my other boy!

I had such a great day! This time last year I was almost 9 months pregnant and feeling a lot of emotions. I wondered what my life would be like as a stay at home wife and mother, I wondered how a new addition would change our life, I wondered what kind of friends I would have once our new addition arrived and I also wondered how the dynamics of our family would change. Over the past year I have learned this: God ALWAYS has a bigger and better plan....much bigger than you pray and wish for! Thank you loved ones and friends for your birthday wishes, calls and gifts!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old Blue Has Been Replaced by Miss Blue

Old Blue died on was a very sad and stressful day for us but we made it through. I think it's funny how we get attached to cars but Bryan has had that truck for 8 years and she has been through a lot!

So for the first time since we were married, Bryan went car shopping and bought a car on his own. I had no idea how hard it would be to go car shopping with a baby! Anyway, Bryan made a very good choice for himself and he is super excited to have a "sporty" car that the whole family can fit in comfortably. Here is Miss Blue: