Saturday, October 29, 2011


My sweet boy woke last night (really it was very early this morning) sounding like this:

As you can hear, he was having a hard time breathing! Watching this makes me glad that we took him to the ER!!! Yep, after calling the on-call nurse and letting my mother-in-law listen to him, we loaded up at 1am and headed to the Medical Center of Plano. Thankfully we did not have to wait long before seeing a doctor! They swabbed Parker for the flu and RSV, which were both negative. We had a chest xray done....

....and after an hour, Dr. Kim diagnosed Parker with croup and bronchitis! We received a steroid (by mouth) and a prescription for antibiotics. We were instructed to continue with breathing treatments as needed. We were home by 4am and Bryan and I were asleep before Parker was. After 2 days of restless sleep, we were not even making sense :) More info to come once I catch up on my sleep and my boy starts feeling better....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Orange Day @ CDC

We've been looking forward to orange day at school for a couple weeks now and it finally arrived! However, before the fun could begin, we had to prop our eyelids open with toothpicks. Parker was up a lot last night and so his parents were moving very slow AND the boy decided to sleep in. A little bit after 8am, Bryan woke Parker so that he could eat breakfast and get ready for school.
{Sorry this picture is blurry} So with a shirt like Daddy and some orange hair-spikes, Parker was ready for school. And this Momma went back to bed :)
I love these sheets that are posted outside of Parker's room! We do get a calendar for each month but these sheets have a little more detail about their daily doings.
And the "black cat" artwork...which Parker said that he used sponges to paint the cat black.
Hmmm, fun with jello??!!?? I guess we will be buying some soon :) When Bryan picked Parker up from school, Ms. Teresa told Bryan that Parker wasn't really into napping today so they "toured" the sanctuary. Someone was in there playing the organ so Parker danced while listening to the organ. Love that!
Here is the pumpkin that Parker painted and glittered. I think it's just beautiful and he is very proud of it :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Enjoying Errands!

Gotta have a little fun while grocery shopping and running errands....

We usually go by the toy area to check out the trains but today the Halloween section at Target did the job :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sesame Street, Sad & Pre-Sickness

This was a start of a very difficult week for our family. I did not know it at the time but because I am playing catch-up on blogging, I can predict it :) On this day we hosted a Sesame Street playdate at our house. We invited some friends (30+ to be exact) over to have snacks and watch Sesame Street at 11am.

So, here is the set-up:

Parker was not in that great of a mood and knowing now that we would end up in the ER by the end of the week, explains a lot. There were a lot of friends over and it normally doesn't bother me but it seemed like the vibe in the air wasn't a positive one. Some are bothered by having so many people in a small and confined space but everyone that attended had been to my house before and knew how many people were going to attend. Anyway, after everyone but Grace and Stephanie left, I was able to lay Parker down for a nap and chat with the girls. They were so gracious and positive, which made me feel a lot better :)

The sad part is that, unbeknownst to me, Parker was not keeping his hands to himself during the playdate. Admittedly it is hard to host something and keep an eye on your kid 100% of the time. I happened upon a situation, which is how I initially found out that there was a problem. Because every parent is different, I have to assume in every situation that a parent is hovering and over-bearing; and, discipline Parker accordingly. In saying that, I simply mean that I will remove Parker from the situation and talk with him about what he did...blah, blah, blah.....rather than let the kids figure it out (which is what my choice would be). I believe that guiding and directing is more effective, in the long run, than preventing. But this is just my type of parenting. When two types of parenting styles clash, the kids ultimately pay the price. Unfortunately, this has happened. Parker has lost a friend because of this and one day, I hope this can be a teachable moment for him. Until then when he can fully understand, we will keep doing what we do: love, direct and never give up!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

It's a bit chilly outside this morning but it was business, school business that is, as usual. Parker always eats oatmeal and a banana for breakfast on school days....don't ask me why, it's just developed into that :) And then it was time to get dressed and thank goodness I had just bought a long-sleeved shirt and puffer vest!!! I gotta get this boy some fall/winter clothes soon!

Bryan took Parker to school alone for this first time this morning and I am happy to report that the drop-off went great! YAY!!! Now I get to take my time getting all dolled up, run some errands, have lunch with a friend and then some laundry. 2pm will be here before you know it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Is With The Spiders???!!!???

After a fun day and a yummy dinner last night, we were all tucked in bed asleep.....until midnight, when Parker woke crying and didn't settle back down for a good while. The Veselka house did not get a lot of sleep last night except the four-legged members ;) We were all up bright and early this morning though and while Bryan still had to go to work, Parker and I planned to stay in our jammies all day. It was cold and windy out and even though we had fun plans for today, we cleared our schedule and played a little:

And then this....a little bite that came up yesterday morning. It was hard and red yesterday but mid-morning I noticed a blister coming up. Parker had been complaining during the night that his bo-bo hurt but I checked it several times and couldn't really figure out what it was. BTW, at 3am, there is NOTHING good on the internet about bites and blisters!!! I decided to call Dr. Eastman's office to check with them. As we neared lunch time, the blister was growing:

So, after lunch, Daddy came home to get some rest and to go with us to the doctor:

The blister did pop by the time we got to Dr. Eastman's office so it did look better. Dr. Eastman feels that it's a spider bite, which is better than what I found on the internet, and prescribed us some antibiotics for three days and a cream. He was concerned that since the blister popped that it would get infected. we are again....with another spider bite!

Bryan wants to know why he never got a spider bite while growing up in the country but Parker has had TWO in the last couple months! Blah! The spider could have come from anywhere but...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Childhood Memories...

Does this bring back any childhood memories for you? It did for me when I attended a playdate a few weeks back and dug this out of the toy box. You better believe I hunted down the owner and told asked her nicely if I could take this home with me. She of course said no but I have my name on it so if she decides to part ways with it, it's mine :) I love toys that bring back memories!!!

Happy Boss' Day!

I got THIS...
....because I am the boss of HIM....
....and THEM....
....which is a hard but rewarding job!

P.S. - Bryan got Piroulines for Boss' Day from me ;)

Bible Study Mondays: Friends!

As we do every Monday, we had our bible study with friends this morning/afternoon! This has grown to be my favorite day...even though it's a Monday :) Today we met at Michelle & Austin's house for some....praise & worship {Austin}:
....a building program meeting {Parker} and caller-donation-calls {Luke}:

....and of course, some eating {maybe only you baptist readers will get this...}:

Some Mondays we learn from the bible and some days {like today} we have more real life what it means to be a friend! We share, we are kind, we use nice words and we laugh with our friends. For us Mommas, those things are true for us too!

I talked to Parker on the way home and told him that God talked a lot in the Bible about friends and friendships. They are a very important part of our life.

"A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should."

I am so thankful for the friendships that I have and what a wonderful thing it is to find people in the same chapter, with the same beliefs, that love you right where you are!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CDC 2011 Book Fair

Parker could have cared less that a Book Fair was at his school this week BUT it was very important to Bryan and me! As kids, we looooved the Book Fair so I guess what I am saying, this Book Fair was for the parents! About 20 minutes before I picked up Parker today, I went in to check out all the books.

After I got Parker, I asked him if he wanted to pick out a book. He was more interested in playing behind the book cabinets (keep in mind that he had NOT napped). I did ask him, however, to pick out a book from the "books requested by teachers" table so that we could donate a book to his class. There weren't many books left for his class so he picked the PINK cupcake book :) We filled out the sticker on the back of the book: "Donated by Parker Veselka". Makes my heart happy!!!

After our purchase, we got to take the book to Parker's teachers, who took a few minutes to read him the book. And then it was time to get get the cranky boy down for a nap!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MDO Day #6: Dinosaurs, Lizards, Frogs & Green

Hello readers, how are you? Long time no talk to :) We are back and have lots to catch up on! Parker is still attending MDO, one day a week and is starting to enjoy it! I've had a few conversations with his teachers about the adjustment but they feel that it's normal. Only time will tell! Today we all woke late and barely made it to school before 9am....which is totally not like us. However, we made it in time and we had a fairly easy drop-off. The monthly calendar said that Parker's class would be learning about dinosaurs, frogs, lizards and the color green. Here is the sheet that was posted outside of Parker's class with the schedule and all the other fun stuff:
While Parker was at school, I had a hair and doctor's appointment scheduled. Bryan was suppose to pick up Parker from school since my doctor's appointment was in Dallas at 2pm. However, I was not feeling 100% (leftover from a bad headache yesterday) so I kept my hair appointment and cancelled my doctor's appointment. Bryan had already taken 1/2 day off and decided to come home even though he really didn't have too.

Upon picking up Parker, we were greeted with two teachers who excitedly told us that Parker had an AWESOME day! YAY! Parker received an award today for being awesome (as displayed on our fridge). He also brought home some lizard and dinosaur-track art work:

And, here is his daily progress report. If you can see the notes at the end, it says something about Parker and McDonald's....On their way to play outside, Parker's class rides on a buggy by which they take the long way to the playground. They pass by the fire station, McDonalds, the trash cans, etc. The teachers have commented to me that Parker points out everything and has a long story to tell about each one of them :)

Since Parker is not napping at school, I've been bringing him home after pick-up and laying him down for a nap. This has been working well but as I type, Mr. Parker is under the bed with his flashlights. It may be a long afternoon.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Glowing Bath

Tonight we topped our fun-filled day with a "glowing" bath! I got this idea off-line and everyone enjoyed it :) So if there is ever a time when your kids are getting tired of the same old bath routine, toss some glow sticks in the tub and turn off the lights!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pumpkins, Parker & Phrases

Today we visited the pumpkin patch at CUMC across the street (where Parker goes to school) from our house and picked out some pumpkins. I really wanted to take all the white and green pumpkins home, while Parker wanted all the little ones. Bryan was off in the corner figuring out the total in his head...hehe!
This smile cracks me up!This is our new phase.....we smile for the camera but we don't look at it. It's a far cry from where we were 6 months ago when he wouldn't even smile! Baby-steps I tell ya :)

I wanted to fill you in on some of the things Parker is saying that I hope I never forget:

-He calls antelopes, cantaloupes :)
-He says "sure" and "sure can", which I think he got from school
-He says "oh gosh", which he got from me ;)
-He likes to say "NO" and sometimes we get "no-ank-you"
-He does talk in the third person a lot
-Hearing him say the blessing will melt your heart (need to get on video soon!!!)

More Parker news coming soon....