Sunday, February 3, 2013

Massage, Clown & Superbowl

Happy Sunday everyone!  I slept until 10am (toot-toot!) but sadly I felt terrible when I finally got out of bed. Sleeping in is just not as fun as it use to be.  Superbowl TV watching was already underway and the living room was a wreck, which means both boys were in good spirits :)

Bryan had a massage scheduled for noon (given to him by his lovely bride for our EIGHT year anniversary) and Parker and I had a circus birthday party to attend.  Our first encounter with a clown, too.  

BooCoos was the funniest clown ever!  Parker continued his "in public mood" so he sat in my lap the entire time and looked stone-faced :(  Another Mom asked if he is always this serious.  I think that was her way of asking something else.....  The clown was a huge hit with all of the kids but I think the parents liked him more!  Regular circus food was served and as we were leaving, we received a bag of THE best cotton candy.  Another first for Parker today :)

Back home we got the full run down on the massage from Bryan, had a quiet time and prepared for the Ravens and 49ers to duke it out.  I cooked gumbo because the 48th Superbowl is in New Orleans :)  An early bedtime for the boy, blogging for me and commercial watching for the husband.  

Another weeks starts tomorrow and I have piles of laundry to do.  The next few weeks will be busy for Bryan at work and we are still trying to perfect 3, as in the age ;)  

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