Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, Oh Fabulous Friday

Bryan is back.

There are two cars parked in the garage.

One more parent to help out with a certain 3 year old.

Everything is good in our world today.

Bryan worked from home today and even took Parker to Little Leonardos at the science museum this morning.  Life is REALLY good :)  I took my time grocery shopping and cleaning out the fridge.  Bryan called after class and asked if I wanted to meet them for lunch.  We tried a new place, Qdoba, that Bryan eats at while in Missouri on business.  I was not a fan but Bryan likes it a lot!  Next time I will have to try something else ;)  

After we returned home, Bryan worked and Parker played.  I sat and watched :)  It was soooo beautiful outside, a little chilly but the sun warmed us up quickly.  

The picture of Bryan cracks me up!  He is working hard, seriously, he was into it.  But since his feet were cold, he brought the floor heater outside.  It was good to get some sun, relax and get the weekend off to a good start!!!

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