Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Tea Party with Maelyn Grace!

Meet Miss Maelyn Grace Taylor!  Our neighbors Matt & Carrie welcomed Miss Maelyn into this world a few days after Christmas and I finally had the pleasure of meeting this sweet baby girl :)  We met at Chocolate Angel Tea Room and filled our bellies with some good food.  I like to think Carrie and I are a lot alike (she might have a different opinion {wink, wink}) so we had lots to talk about.  She is a NICU nurse so I was interested to hear how motherhood was treating her.  Since she takes care of sick little babies all the time, she had a head start in the first mother department.  But I was so surprised that some of the same thoughts, feelings and emotions that I felt in the first 4 months of Parker's life were very similar to what she is thinking, feeling and pondering currently.  I love listening to new moms!!!

As I drove from lunch to pick up Parker, I thanked God that our paths crossed three years ago.  Carrie is an amazing believer in God.  A special lunch to celebrate Maelyn's first month of life turned into a conversation about God and how he has paved a life path for her that has not been free from hurt and trying times but rather moments that has lead her closer to God!  I love that....and her.  Her testimony made me thankful for my life and the relationship I have with God!!!

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