Monday, January 28, 2013

6:15 is the New Black!

As in a.m.  Why does it happen every single day?  And he doesn't even need to go to the bathroom.  It really is hard to be perky that early in the morning.  A simple "hi" is what he has been getting rather than the chipper, "good morning" he is accustomed to.  Anyway, Bryan is off to the Cape until Thursday night, Parker had MDO, I skipped MOPS to catch up on some things that were neglected while we were gone this past weekend.

Parker requested fro-yo with toppings after school:

We spent some time at Trader Joe's using the kid-sized shopping carts and collecting some new, fun items.  Mangos were at the top of the list, which is Parker's new favorite fruit.  We spent the evening having dinner, playing Space Adventure (a new game made up by Parker in which we live in a shuttle and visit all the planets) and Skyping with Bryan :)

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  1. LOVE your boy's healthy, active, AMAZING imagination!! YOU did that, Mama :)