Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quick Post!

The days have been long this week so I am a few days behind so this post will be short and sweet :)

After Parker was off to school and Bryan was off to work, I got dressed and made my way to Willow Bend Mall to pick up a gift for the lovely Renee.  I then joined Renee and Johnna at Maximo's for lunch to celebrate Renee's 40th birthday!!!  As discussed tonight at dinner, Maximo's is my new favorite place to eat and we must frequent there more than every 6 months.  The pineapple salsa is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  Anyway, after our meal, they brought out this:

Afterwards I made my way to get Parker.  Oh, cranky Parker!  Because he has (said with an attitude!) to nap at school now and because he basically only has an hour to sleep and because he doesn't wake up on his own, I get to take home a very crabby boy!  Today was no different.  He about went into orbit when I told him that we had some errands to run.  Wowzer...  He didn't say much on the way to Walmart to get my oil changed so I wasn't exactly sure how his day went at school.  I decided to take his nap mat into the store so he could rest and maybe shake the moodiness:

He stayed this way until about 5 minutes before the car was ready at which time I am pretty sure everyone in the store knew PARKER LEE VESELKA was in the building!!!  For reals people, crazy-town ;)  

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent playing outside, grilling our dinner outside (it was in the mid-70s today) and battling a three year old to:  take a bath, put away his toys, go to bed, stay in the bed....  Must I go on??!!  I will note that while we are having a tough time in general with minding and transitioning, he is being more and more cuddly and loving, especially towards me!  Lots of hugs, lots of kisses and lots of "don't worry Mom, I will protect you".  He is a handful but there is not another little boy that I love more than him!!!

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